I Challenge YOU for the Rest of 2013!

woutlunchCheck out some of our HARD WORKING men from our lunch workout group today!  All of our clients work hard and when they do this consistently, they get RESULTS!

CHALLENGE!  I CHALLENGE YOU!  I am challenging you to the following: If you are not already CONSISTENTLY making better health choices then I challenge you to start NOW and Finish this year, 2013, off on a Strong Note!!  If you already are CONSISTENTLY making better health choices, I challenge you to keep doing what you are already doing throughout the rest of this year, and Finish 2013 Strong.

Here are a few Basic and Powerful Health Choices you can start with now, if you are not already doing so:

Point Your Words and Thoughts in the direction you want your health to go.  This is truly the biggest Action you can take.  Stop speaking and thinking Negative.  Your Words and Thoughts will steer your health and life!

Make 1-2 Simple Nutritional Changes – I know you hear us say this a lot but it is so true that just making 1-2 simple changes in your daily diet can have a huge impact.  And the fact is that most people do not do good when they change many things all at once with their diet. 

Exercise 5+ minutes each day for 4-6 days per week.  Yes, absolutely Yes 5 minutes of the right exercises done the right way can be extremely beneficial towards improving your health!  If you can and will do more such as 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes then great, but realize 5 minutes is very effective and therefore VALUABLE!

FAITH – have faith that your new actions, or continued actions, are ABSOLUTELY GOING TO PRODUCE GREAT HEALTH IMPROVEMENT! 


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