This lady lost 44lbs, so far. See how she started and what she is doing now!

dinner1Here is a favorite dinner dish at The Johnson’s: Shrimp, zucchini, squash, tomatoes.  Good stuff! 

A lady sent us this in response to our recent article on weight watchers:

“I lost 30 lbs on Weight Watchers and yes you can actually eat with it and enjoy food. When it comes to working out and recovery I found I had to venture more into protein rich foods for good recovery and it didn’t work well with weight watchers, since a lot of meat is high points in their program. I do love the program and so grateful for kicking 30 of my 44lbs lost so far! Clean eating is key in any life change, keeps your whole body moving and brain working.”

Now that is an awesome TESTIMONY for weight loss and for using IMPROVED NUTRITION to lose weight / bodyfat.  One thing I want you to notice is that yes she did use Weight Watchers during her first 30lbs of weight loss, but she lost another 14lbs doing something different.  It is obvious that “something different” was another Good Eating Program, or as she refers to it, “Clean Eating” program.  Now here is the oh so big and HUGEMONGOUS take home message: Weight Watchers was not the Answer for her weight loss!  Yes Weight Watchers obviously played a very big role, but when she came to a crossroads during the process and weight watchers didnt “fit the bill” anymore for her, she didnt quit and or allow that to stop her!!  See she decided somewhere somehow along the way that HER SUCCESS was not going to be determined by any thing or person.  She was not banking her Success on a “program”.  She had apparently already decided (she had FAITH) that she was going to succeed.  Oh man this is so huge!

Anytime you set out to Improve your health and life, you must remember to never “bank” your success on any program, set of circumstances, and or person or group of persons.  Your success has to be completely determined up front in FAITH that you will succeed.  To you it has to be a SETTLED ISSUE.  You have to literally SEE yourself as already having accomplished the desired Result.  I have seen way too many times when a person has literally said “ok, I will try that and see if it works for me.”  Oh man that is literally setting yourself up for failure.  You can not wait to see if something works for you.  You have to CHOOSE and DECIDE Upfront that you haver already Succeeded and thru Jesus Christ you have every bit of Power needed to walk that Success out!  Then you can choose a plan or program  to help you, but the plan or program is not where your faith is.  Basically let me put it like this: DONT WAIT TO SEE IF A PROGRAM IS GOING TO WORK FOR YOU.  YOU TAKE THAT PROGRAM AND YOU MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU.  Along the way if you believe that you need to make a change, then you do so without even skipping a beat. 


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