7 Keys for Exercise.

jpskiCheck out my little man skiing this past weekend!  He is a natural! 

We all know that EXERCISE is a key for improved Health.  Recognize that I did say it is “a” key, not “the” key.  So understand yes Exercise is important, but no it is not the most important.  And being that it is important then we all need to know some basic fundamentals for exercise.  Check these simple BASIC FUNDAMENTALS FOR EXERCISE:

1. Get Moving.  Get Started.  Stop waiting for the right time and or the Right program.  The right time is now and the right thing to do is simply do what you already know or believe you should be doing.  The easiest thing is start walking and add in some simple Squats, Pushups, Situps, and Lunges.  All of which we have Demo Videos posted for you right here on godbuilt.com!!!

2. Stay CONTROLLED – Do the Exercises correctly.  If you dont know how to do the exercises correctly that you are choosing, then study Demo Videos such as the ones here on godbuilt.com.  Also you can hire a personal trainer here at God-Built to teach the Proper Mechanics for the Best Exercises!

3. Keep Improving – Strive to improve each day, week, month, and or year.  You first and foremost work on Improving your FORM and Mechanics for your Exercises.  You can workout a little longer.  You can use weights.  You can do more reps.  You can add in an extra day of Exercise.  You can do the same amount of work in less time!  There are many ways to “Improve”, just make sure you challenge yourself and while doing so remember to STAY CONTROLLED.

4. Choose VARIETY – Some people do just fine with doing the same routine over and over, but for most that does not work good.  Find a way to keep it mixed up with different exercises, different workout durations, etc. 

5.  Find a Partner/s.  some people do just fine working out by themselves.  If you are not already committed to workout then it is highly likely that finding someone to workout with is going to be huge for you. 

6. Make it part of your life.- Just go ahead and plan for this to be a part of your life.  It needs to become like brushing your teeth: It is just something I do, and I sure love the results!

7. Speak and Think Positively towards “YOUR” Exercise habits! – if you are constantly speaking and or thinking about how hard it is to workout, then that is exactly what it is going to be for you, and it will only get worse.  When you CHOOSE to speak and think Positive thoughts about “your” exercise habits then they become less of a burden and or chore.  No it doesnt mean that it just magically gets Easy, but you will Manage it totally different because of your different Perception you have Chosen!


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