We say we “know” it will work, but we dont do it! Why?

jpdbbusinessCheck out my 2 boys on their first business venture!  Joshua Paul decided to have a “sale” Saturday morning and he basically came up with the whole thing on his own.  He made a sign and put it up, got the table and chairs for setup and picked all the “sale” items.  It was very encouraging to see him take this initiative and for his little brother to join in with him.  Great stuff!

I heard something this weekend that I know you and me both have heard before.  I say it a lot because I do believe it.  And for me, I need to hear it more and more.  So for me and for you here it is: YOU HAVE TO HAVE “FAITH” TO CONSISTENTLY DO THE RIGHT THINGS. 

Basically this simply means in order to Consistently DO the right things that are needed to reach your goals, you are going to have to have FAITH that those steps are going to work and that You will Reach your Goal, no matter what.  Remember the true meaning for Faith is “Confident Expectation.”  So here is a great question for me and for you: If you say you “believe” that a certain set of steps will work to help you reach your goals, and you truly desire to reach those goals, but you are not “Doing” those steps, then why not.  Many times we all say this “Well I know if I would just do so and so, I could get the results I really want to see in my health and life.”  If you are not doing those things though, then you most likely Dont truly have Faith.  And the problem may not be that you dont have faith in the “steps” working, it just may be your Faith in your ability to stick it out.  Now that lack of Faith can come from different problems, but many times it is just from past failures! 

The main thing I want you to do is to EVALUATE your health and your life.  Truly take some time to do this.  If you have an area or areas that you want to do better in, then truly “check yourself” and see if you truly Believe that you can.  Ask yourself literally “Why am I not doing those things I know I should be doing to get the desired results?”  And remember in all this do not let Condemnation come in.  This is not meant to bring guilt in any way, but we all need to make assessments of our health and lives from time to time. 

Once you make your assessment and if you discover that “Faith” is the issue, then here are some simple steps you can take to build up that Faith:

1. Realize that literally thru Jesus Christ you can overcome and literally “Do all things thru Him who did supply and does supply all the strength you need.”

2. Use your MOUTH, your WORDS, to literally PUT into your Heart that you do have FAith that you can and you will Succeed!  Confessing with your MOUTH the Word of God, Who you Are IN CHRIST, is one of your most powerful Weapons in your life!

3. Start taking some of those Actions, or things you believe you should be doing to get the desired Results.  As you are taking those Correct Actions, continually Speak and Think and therefore KNOW that they are WORKING and producing Great Results, even if you dont “see” it at first.

4. and this is a “biggee” NEVER EVER GIVE UP!


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