TRAIN yourself to be actually who you already are, IN HIM!

johnsonfamilypicCheck out the latest Johnson Family pic!  Man i am blessed with a most Beautiful wife and 2 extremely good looking young men!  I AM BLESSED!

You know, it is easy sometimes to get our focus and attention off of the fact that we are BLESSED.  At the same time though, through “training” we can literally “train” ourselves to focus on and give attention to BEING THANKFUL and constantly reminding ourselves of how Blessed we are, Who we Are IN CHRIST, and HIS GOODNESS.  And as we literally “train” ourselves to do this, to get our focus off of this will become harder and harder. 

See we literally can “train” ourselves to be most likely to Be THANFUL vs. being self focused and Stressed. 

We can literally train ourselves to be most likely to think and speak on His Power inside us vs. the “adverse situation” we may be facing.

We can literally train ourselves to be most likely to find a way to think and speak Positive vs. speak and think negative or defeated.

Just like with “training” the body to predominantly act a certain way with better performance, we too can train ourselves to think and speak as HE has Created us to Speak and Think.  And this of course is from the INSIDE.  ANd as we all know, what is going on in the “inside” will sooner or later manifest on the outside.


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