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kjlj2WOW!!!! WOW!!! WOW, what a Beautiful Woman!!  All I can say is WOW!!  My Woman is HOT!  Ye Baby I am Blessed!!

Last week, and many other times here on we have discussed a very interesting topic: Why we dont do the things we say we know we should be doing in order to get the Results we want in our health and or lives.  ANd this is a topic that we will continue to discuss in the days ahead including today. 

Many times I know I have said it and I have heard many others say the same thing: “Well I know what I need to do but I just have not done it yet.”  So if we have goals in mind that we truly want to accomplish in our lives, and we think we know the “steps” we need to take to accomplish those goals, yet we are not doing them, then it is most likely because we dont truly BELIEVE that we can.  So truly it does come down to FAITH, and having Faith ( a Confident Expectation) that you do have the power to do the right things and to do them consistently enough to get the desired results.  And the Faith that you will Never Ever Give Up until you get the desired Results, that you will Stand and Fight and Keep Expecting no matter how long it takes!  Now that is true Faith.  And that True Faith only comes from God, thru Jesus Christ! 

Now yes you can accomplish a lot of things just by sheer “will power” and self confidence.  But realize that sooner or later your “will power” and your own ability will match up with something that is way bigger.  And I dont care who you are, this happens to all of us.  When you realize that all the Power and Authority was given to Jesus Christ because of His Obedience to the Father’s Will, and now He has given you that Power and Authority here on this earth as it concerns your health and life, then you have your “starting point” for Faith.  See it is actually not your Faith or your Ability or your Obedience.  It is actually all His, Jesus Christ’s, Faith and Ability and Obedience that you now have.  You dont have to depend on your own “will power”, your own “Faith”, and or your own “ability” to overcome adversity and WIN in your health and your life.  You now have Christ’s that has already been given to you simply because you chose and choose to believe in Him and His Finished Work. 

Man I am getting this.  He is showing me more and more on this and I believe this will help me and you out tremendously as we allow Him to teach us more and more on it.  See we have to remember that He is always trying to get us His Best.  He is always working as a Good Father, because He is our Good Loving Father.  He has great plans for us and knows exactly the simple steps we need to take to walk out His Best, His PROMISED BLESSING to us.  All of that is wrapped up in Jesus Christ.  And as we Believe on and IN HIM, we start to see literally “WHO WE ARE IN HIM” and the power and authority we have because of HIM.  It is not our Power and or our Ability that we count on, it is HIS that we truly Believe IN and count on.  Our part is to Believe not just “on” that but mainly to Believe “Into” that.  (thanks TJ for reminding me of this!!)  That basically means to me that we literally “put ourselves into” it.  I like envisioning myself literally jumping into the midst of all that Christ is and did for me and for the world.  I put myself “into” Him, and therefore I just operate in His Power and Authority and Faith and Obedience. 

The more and more we understand truly what Christ did for us and who we literally are now IN HIM, the more that walking and living in The Blessing, The Love and Fullness of God just becomes a by product.  It is like our health.  Yes I believe we need to Exercise and Eat the Right Quantity and Quality of Foods, but as we understand more who we are In Christ and the authority we have over our minds, our emotions, our bodies and our health, then the more Exercise and Proper Nutrition just become a “by product” of our Faith and Belief that we do dominate our health and we will not let our health dominate or master us!  And the more we understand who we literally are In Christ, the more “great health” becomes just a “by product” of our RIGHT BELIEVING.  Cause Remember, Right Believing will render Right Living!!


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