A Goal Sheet for You. Finish 2013 Strong!

lunch10Another easy and very Nutritious Lunch and Dinner option.  THis is just deer meat that I cooked then threw in the peas to warm it all up together.  Then I mixed in some homemade salsa.  Good stuff and when you make something like this it is so easy to make enough for leftovers and have for another great Lunch option the next day!! 

Remember me talking about our CHALLENGE for the rest of this year?  Our challenge for you is simply this: TO FINISH THIS YEAR, 2013, STRONG!  Challenge yourself to take positive strides in your health throughout the end of this year.  And remember it is not about “overwhelming” yourself with more than you will actually do.  Just choose 1-3 simple things that you know are needed in your own life, and simply do them day by day.  Expect to literally Finish this year, your year, 2013 on a very strong note.  Go ahead now and Choose to make Positive strides in your health and life through the end of this year.  And again, it all starts by simply making 1 or 2 small adjustments, daily.  This will add up big time by the end of the year.  I sent out to everyone a copy of our “Goal Sheet” that can help you with this.  If you did not recieve it then you can respond to me and I will send it to you.  ONe of the things we encourage you to do is to get someone to help you be accountable to the goals and plans you write down on the Goal Sheet.  This can help you and them out. 

Plan, Expect, Choose to Finish Strong in 2013.  Make it happen!!  Yeh baby!


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