COMPLEX EXERCISES. Great Benefits. Still though, JUST MOVE!

dbwoutDavid Ben.  Power Cleans!  Yeh Baby!

COMPLEX Exercises / Movements, such as POWER CLEANS, are great Exercises to promote increases in Strength, Mobility, Coordination, Power, and Endurance.  And that is why we use Complex Movements a whole lot here at God-Built.  Plus, they are just loads of FUN to do as you can tell from DB’s Happy face! 

When we have our group workouts and are doing any Complex Movements such as Power Cleans we basically let our clients know that we want them to be as “EFFECIENT” as possible for several reasons such as more performance benefits.  For us though the main thing is that they have great “Basic” mechanics as far as posture and Stance setup so as to promote Safety first.  Take for instance with Power Cleans: To “Squat” and “curl” the weight up is not the most effecient way to perform a Power Clean, but we realize that as long as their basic setup and Posture are correct, then to “squat” and “curl” is about 1000 times better than nothing.  And again, we realize and try to help each client realize that we can help them to “GET MORE” out of the Exercise if they will take time to focus on the Mechanics.  Some clients either cant “see” that it would make much difference and or just are not willing to take the time to focus to that extent and that is fine with us. 

The point I am trying to make is simply that for you the main thing is to MOVE!  It is better to work in more “Effective” exercises that require Complex Movements such as Power Cleans.  If you choose never to do the such, then you still can get a great workout without them.  If you do choose to add such in, make sure to always have Great Form and Mechanics from the starting Stance and Postural setup throughout the movement.  Then you can simply “squat” and “curl” and get a whole lot out of it or you can come to see us at God-Built and learn how to make Power Cleans, plus many other Complex Exercises, more Effecient and therefore more Effective!


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