Bootcamp. Crossfit. Worthless!!

IMG_6099The boys sledding in the snow!!  Yep I am putting this out because I am getting in early on pushing for some good snow this winter!  Snow baby Snow!

BOOTCAMP.  CROSSFIT.  INSANITY.  FIT-CAMP.  And on and on.  You have most likely heard of one or more of these workout programs, particularly some type of “Bootcamp”.  All of these programs can be great and render great results.  And over the years we have had many people ask us to do “Bootcamps”, and or “Crossfit.”  My response is “well that is pretty much what we have been doing for years.”  Like you have probably heard us say before “We were doing High Intensity INterval Training before it was cool.”  And I realize that the catchy “names” may be a great thing to draw people in, still it all boils down to each individual being willing to work hard and be consistent with their efforts.  ANd that is the problem in most cases: People get emotionally excited and drawn by the “name” and the “buzz” about the “latest and greatest” program/s and they get a false belief that this new program is going to be the “one.”  When in fact we all know that there is no “the one”.  Any qualtiy health / fitness coach will tell you that it is not the program that makes it happen.  It is the individual that chooses to make the program work for them. 

Now please understand that I am in no way speaking bad about Crossfit and or “bootcamps”.  I think they can be great programs, and as I mentioned these are the type workouts that we have offered here at God-Built for years now.  My point is simply that many times we all get fooled into thinking that a program is going to be our answer and it is not.  Many people go from one program to the next.  They always start off on a high emotional note and then once they realize that they are going to have to “work” hard consistently, just like with any other program and it is not going to get easy, they get discouraged and end up quitting.   Then another “hot” program comes along and their emotions get high again and the cycle keeps going. 

Now of course this is not the case for everyone, but it is for the majority i would dare say when it comes to health.  The thing I want you to take away from all this is simply that all your Power and Ability to literally Take Control of your Health and Life lies inside of you thru Jesus Christ.  It is nowhere else!! It can not be found in a program or “camp.”  It is inside you already.  As you choose to believe this and trust HIM who lives in you and you live IN HIM, then you can apply that Power and walk in that Power and Ability as you apply the principles of a health / fitness program.  And it is you realizing that Power inside you that comes only because of HIM, that will literally Empower you to be successful in Consistently applying the given principles until you see the desired results.  And truthfully once you realize this and you literally “see it”, “have it”, and or “get it” on the inside, then your actions of doing the correct things are basically BY PRODUCTS of your Right Believing!

So if you want to do a Bootcamp or Crossfit, or heck even God-Built, then more power to you, literally!!  But realize that the program itself has no power.  The Power literally lies inside of you, and HIS Name is JESUS CHRIST!!  Ye Baby, I just got Excited!!  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!!


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