RUNNING! Slow n Steady. Max Speed. Both Good

gameshapewoutCheck out our Game Shape youth doing some sprints today.  Good looking group and some pretty good form by some!  These kids are working hard and it is paying off!

On the subject of RUNNING, lets talk some about the benefits.  First of all RUNNING can be very beneficial whether it is LSD (long slow distance), Max speed, and or sprint intervals.  Here are some keys and important facts I believe for each:

LSD Long Slow Distance – Of course can be good for “Cardiovascular Training” and weight loss.  While many fall prey to just automatically believing that LSD running will cause you to lose weight, unfortunately many people do large volume LSD training and dont get great “Weight Loss” results.  So NO, “long distance” running is not the key to weight loss.  It can be a good contributor, but it is not necessary.   If you enjoy this type of running then do it, but make sure to get training from an expert on Running Mechanics and appropriate volume. 

*Keys to Incorporate if you do want to Run long slow distances

Learn GOOD FORM.  Trust me it is well worth the time spent.  My experience has been over the years that a high percentage of “runners” end up with overuse injuries and it is mostly due to bad mechanics and of course too much volume.   

Dont get caught in the common mistake of thinking “more is better”.  Man this leads many people down a bad road.  

Always add in “Speed Intervals” at least 1/week.  This will change up the workouts, help you to focus on Mechanics, and promote all the benefits that come with naturally raising your growth hormone levels.

Speed Training / Speed Intervals –   Same as lsd running: Learn Good Running Mechanics from an expert.  **please realize for lsd and speed running: Just because someone has been “running” for years in no way automatically qualifies them as an expert.  I know many people who have been “runners” for years and their mechanics are awful.

Incorporate speed running / intervals 1-3 times per week.  As with your other workouts it is great to change the workouts up constantly.  Make sure and consistently work on the same proper mechanics but change up the intervals, the time, the distance, etc.

Overall let me say that Running can be a great form of Exercise for you.  Just make sure you learn how to do it correctly and DO NOT overdo it, especially with the Distance.  Yes running at max or near max effort speeds for short distance can cause injury, but the biggest problem I usually see with Running is with lsd running.  So again learn how to run distance correctly and stay away from high volume distance unless you are under the direction of an expert. 

We have been adding Exercise Demos for you right here on over the last month.  We will soon be adding in some “Running” demo videos for you also.  Be on the lookout!!


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