Using “short term” Motivators can be Good!

jpmudHere is an awesome pic of Joshua Paul from when he was probably 3 or 4.  We went to the pond and he did a “Mud Run“!

Seeing this pic made me think of the “Mud Runs” and other obstacle course type runs that are becoming more and more popular.  These runs can be great fun (so they tell me) and can be a good motivator to start Exercising.

Finding something such as a “mud run” or “warrior dash” can be just what you need to motivate yourself to get to Moving / Exercising.  And of course it does not have to be a “mud run”.  It can be any number of events or challenges such as: 5k; playing in a softball league, tennis league, basketball league; etc.  All of these can be good motivators to get to Moving!  And please if you do plan on some kind of big event such as the above, DO start exercising and preparing for the event.  Otherwise you are very likely to injure yourself and or do so poorly that it is discouraging.

Find a way to motivate yourself to Exercise and improve your Nutrition habits.  Of course doing it first and foremost to honor God is the most important.  Using short term goals such as sporting events can be good temporary motivators that can help you along the way and to get started!!


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