Me sitting next to a Celebrity! Thanks Danny for all the help!

kjndannywilliamsHere is a pic of me with my friend and brother IN CHRIST, Danny Williams.  Danny has been helping us with our “social media” here at God-Built by helping us to add to and improve, and our brand on facebook and twitter.  Danny has done a great job and we are very blessed to have him working for us and with us!!  Danny is an actor and helps companies like ours, GOD-BUILT, to increase their “brand” awareness, etc.  As far as acting I know he has done several things, one of the most known I guess would be his role in “Trouble with the curve” with Clint Eastwood where he was the Second Baseman on the baseball team.  Cool stuff!

Anyway I just wanted you to get to know him a little more and give him a big THANK YOU online for all he has been doing for us here at GOD-BUILT.  He understands our Vision and Purpose that God has given us to literally GO INTO ALL THE WORLD TEACHING PEOPLE WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST, THROUGH FITNESS.  He “gets it”.  So we are excited about what he has done for us so far and what he continues to do for GOD-BUILT and helping us to walk out and fulfill the Vision God has given us!!

ANd on that note of “fulfilling” the Vision, I believe that you can and you will Fulfill the Vision God has given you in your own health and life.  God has prepared, already laid out, and already completely provided the ability and the faith for you to walk out His Plan for your health and your life.  He did this and finished it literally through JESUS CHRIST.  “It is FINISHED“,  as the Greatest Man that ever walked this earth SAID!! Yeh Baby!  So you just have to “take it as yours”!  Get on it dog’on it!


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