Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Have a big ole belly laugh!

pumpkinboodyOh my goodness! Someone showed me this pic last night and i hollered!  And now everytime I see it I cant stop laughing!!  Man, I am still laughing!! 

Yes oh Yes, LAUGHTER is like Medicine for your body!!  LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH!  Find a way to laugh today.  And if this pic doesnt do it for you, then well, I dont know.  But I am sure you can find something to laugh about. 

LAUGHTER brings joy and Peace.  Peace brings tremendous health benefits for you mentally and physically.   So again, LAUGH.  It is your health and your life.  Choose to do positive things towards your health and life.  Choose to take control and keep control of your health and life.  Have Fun.  Be at Peace.  And Trust God, Believe God, knowing that He truly Loves you, and that He willingly gave you the Free Gift of Abundant health and life thru His only Son Jesus Christ.


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