Very Ineffecient Workouts Produced Great Results??!!

wout2Check out this great workout group here at God-Built doing a workout that consisted of several simple and powerful exercises including: I Arm Snatch; DB Swings; Leg Tucks; and best of all BURPEES!  Good stuff right there!

I was talking with a friend just the other day about specific Exercises and specific Workouts.  We were talking about some of the best Exercises and the best way to perform those in Workouts for the Best Results.  As I was talking about pure “effectiveness” and “effeciency” I realized something that I shared with him. 

“You know I have been coaching people (youth, adults, athletes) since 1996, and that is 17 years.  Over those years I have learned a lot and changed my coaching according to information and experience I have gained over the years.  The one thing that is crazy, yet true though, is that when it comes down to it, I have seen many people GET GREAT RESULTS doing “crazy” and or what would seem to be much less than best workouts.  And some of these workout plans that these same people followed to get great Results were ones that I would have told them that it would not work for them!  But they made it work.” 

The take home lesson here is that these people that did “crazy” things got Great Results because they BELIEVED it was going to work, then they basically MADE IT WORK by choosing to BELIEVE and TAKE CONSISTENT ACTION.  So the answer is not always learning the “best” or “most effecient” workouts, and or Diets.  The Answer is you CHOOSING to get Sick and Tired of letting your health control you, CHOOSING to take control, CHOOSING to GET STARTED with something, then CHOOSING to make that something work for you.  And see when you do this, even if that “something” is not the best “something” you can still get results, and most importantly since you have taken control and have CHOSEN to stay on it Consistently, you will discover along the way a Better Plan if needed. 

Remember Waiting and finding the “right plan” is not the key.  If you get started with the Best and Most Effecient workout and or Diet, then great but that is not the main thing.  The main thing is to make that Decision in your heart that you are going to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH, AND YOU NO LONGER ARE GOING TO LET YOUR HEALTH, AND OR LIFE, CONTROL YOU.  Then just simply Start doing what you already know you can do to improve. 


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