Can you get the RESULTS you want with only EXERCISE?!

dblucypondHere is a pic of David Ben and Lucy at our pond looking for some minnows.  Partners at work!!

I was talking just a few minutes ago with some members here at God-Built about the importance of Nutrition as it concerns health.  They actually brought up the conversation and went on to say that many people still dont get the fact that they can work as hard as they want at Exercise, but if they dont putthe Work into their Nutrition, they will never get the results they want.  And yes, this is correct, at least to some extent. 

It has been proven that people who Exercise regularly at a minimum of medium intensity can see very good HEALTH improvements without making Nutritional changes.  Some of those improvements include: Stronger; Improved Cardiovascular Conditioning; Improved Mobility; Improved Cholesterol numbers; Decreased susceptibility to disease.  All of these have been shown with only Exercise.  And these RESULTS are real and worth your effort with Exercise. 

The one thing though that most people are looking for that they usually will not See without Nutritional changes is “HOW THEY LOOK“.  And lets be honest: This is the most important factor for many people when it comes to starting any “health improvement” plan.  We all say “Yes I want to be healthier”, but deep down most people are looking for and associate this “healthier” state with “LOOKING BETTER”.  And yes overall “being healthier” is the most important, but we all want to “look better“.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to ‘Look Better“!  Realize though that most likely in order for you to change the way you look, ie build and tone muscle, and lose Bodyfat, you are going to have to combine high quality Exercise and High Quality Nutrition.  My experience in Coaching people to take control and improve their health for 17 years now is that without a Focused Effort with Nutrition, you will not make the “body appearance” changes you desire.

Realize too, that making the appropriate Nutritional changes does not have to be hard.  I know we talk about this a good bit, and it bares Repeating!!  Dont build it up in your head so that the change with Nutrition seems like such a HUGE TASK!!  It does not have to be that way.  If you think this way and “SEE” it this way up front, then that is the reality that you will live out concerning your Diet.  And most likely with that “BONDAGE” will come defeat.  Defeat as in you quitting!  So dont build it up to be some huge undertaking that is going to be soooo Hard!  Yes it will require purposed change , but start with the simple and obvious things.  Like they say about how you eat an elephant: A few small bites at a time!!


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