Building an Outdoor Area much like Building your Health!

boyscampfire2I always like a good pic with a campfire, and here are my 2 favorite little boys helping me with a campfire some time back. 

I was thinking about a “campfire” just now for 2 reasons: 1. I plan on having one for the boys tonite; 2. We are building a new outdoor patio with a fireplace and grill island!!  Me and LeAnne are very excited about it.  The Funny thing is it is pretty much like anything else in life that you have “Big plans” for up front, and once you decide to actually “Go ahead and DO IT” you run face first into all the Adversity and Opposition.  You start off excited because you “see” the END RESULT that you want.  Once you GO Forward and get started then you see and Hear all the reasons why you cant get the Desired Result, or why it is going to Be Harder than you thought, and or cost your much more money and effort.  Then the thoughts start “Maybe I should just NOT Do it”, or “Well we can just SETTLE For Less”.  The whole time you know you dont want to Settle, but everything is trying to get you to.  And there is your first real test in Reaching your Goal: Are you going to settle or are you going to MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

I encourage you to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  The people I have seen in life that are tremendous ACCOMPLISHERS are the ones that literally SEE what they want, then they CHOOSE to MAKE IT HAPPEN!! 

When you know WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST, and take that FAITH and Choose to put it to work in any area of your life, you are pretty much UNSTOPPABLE!!  And this is how God wants us to see ourselves.  He wants me and you to realize that thru HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, we have already been made More than CONQUERORS, and because of this we can take control of our Health and Lives and walk in His (ZOE) Abundant Life here on this earth!! YEH BABY!! GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!!


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