Few of KJ’s Favorite Nutrition Bars

nutritionbarsHere are 2 of my Favorite Nutrition Bars.  I thought of these today since I mentioned having a supply of Nutrition Bars on hand as one of the keys to making positive Nutrition changes Easy. 

Below I am giving you a list of several of my favorite Nutrition Bars which of course includes the 2 in the pic:

CLIF – Good ole Clif Bar.  Man this company has been a solid one for years now.  I remember I started eating these in the mid 90’s when me and my buddies would go on camping trips.  I started recommending these particularly to our high school athletes for high quality on demand nutrition and they were not easy to find.  Since then CLIF has expanded their options and “types” of bars and their products are very easy to find now.  You can find them in just about any grocery store, Wal-mart, and even gas stations.  Clif offers a good Nutrition Bar with relatively high quality ingredients at a very affordable price.  Here are a few of the ones that I like in particular.  And remember that each “type” comes in several flavors.

CLIF “regular” bar, avg under $1- this one is the one I eat almost every morning with my protein shake for Breakfast.  It is higher in Carbohydrates than its other “types”.  It is great for anyone as a snack and or sometimes a meal replacement if you have to choose between it and fast food.  Many dont particularly like it because it is higher in the Carbo and sugar area.  *You can usually find it for under $1.00 which is a great price and we highly recommend it to our high school athletes who desperately need high quality calories.

CLIF “Mojo” bar, avg under $1- this is like a trail mix bar w nuts, seeds, fruit.  I really like this one because it is more “balanced” as a stand alone bar for a meal or snack.  It has more fat which is very important. 

CLIF “Builder” bar, avg $1.50- this one is higher in protein which most people are looking for, including myself.  “Soy crisps” are used as a main source for protein which I am not in huge favor of, but being that I dont eat several a day, I believe it is fine.

KIND, avg $1 – Kind is something I tried and liked several years back and then “kinda” forgot about until recently.  Now I keep a stock of them just like with CLIF.  This is basically a trail mix type bar with nuts seeds fruit.  It is a very good “Balanced” bar with a good combo of high quality Fats, Carbos, Proteins.

ZONE, avg $1– these are I believe from the “Zone Diet” brand, at least I think that is correct.  I like these because they do offer a very good “Balance” of nutrients, hence the whole “ZONE” diet basis.  I am not sure that this is the “highest” quality ingredients, but I am still absolutely comfortable eating these as I eat them and Joshua Paul loves them.

There you have it.  Those are the bars I use personally for my Nutrition.  I know that there may be other bars out there that are just as healthy and maybe even some that are much healthier.  These are simply the ones that I have found over the years that meet my needs and I like them and use them pretty much daily.  And everyone of these bars can be found pretty easy at most grocery stores and or big stores like Wal-mart.  

Remember having HIGH QUALITY NUTRITION BARS on hand is a great way to “help yourself” out in your goal of improving your Nutrition and taking control of your Health and Life!!  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!!



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