Stick a Straw up your Nose = Better Health


Check out Joshua Paul being super silly with a straw stuck up his nose.  He loves being silly, much like all kids do. 

We all should be more like kids when it comes to being “FREE to LAUGH”.  They love to laugh, and I believe that this is just the way God made it and intended for us to live.  Being quick to laugh I believe to some extent means that you have peace and security, and you do not allow stress and adversity to bind you up.  I guess as we get older we lose this as we take “stress” on as a “responsibility” of some sort.  ANyway we all need to laugh more.  And for many of us we will have to PURPOSELY make this happen until we get to the point to where it just becomes part of our daily routine as we walk in HIS Peace and Joy. 

We have talked many times about the benefits of LAUGHTER as far as Health, and I know we have referred to the Mayo Clinic’s stance on LAUGHTER.  Here are some direct quotes from the MAYO CLINIC online.  Check it out.  This is REAL stuff and a TOOL that God gave me and you in order to use to walk out His best in our Health:

“Short-term benefits
A good laugh has great short-term effects. When you start to laugh, it doesn’t just lighten your load mentally, it actually induces physical changes in your body. Laughter can:

  • Stimulate many organs. Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain.
  • Activate and relieve your stress response. A rollicking laugh fires up and then cools down your stress response and increases your heart rate and blood pressure. The result? A good, relaxed feeling.
  • Soothe tension. Laughter can also stimulate circulation and aid muscle relaxation, both of which help reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress.

Long-term effects
Laughter isn’t just a quick pick-me-up, though. It’s also good for you over the long haul. Laughter may:

  • Improve your immune system. Negative thoughts manifest into chemical reactions that can affect your body by bringing more stress into your system and decreasing your immunity. In contrast, positive thoughts actually release neuropeptides that help fight stress and potentially more-serious illnesses.
  • Relieve pain. Laughter may ease pain by causing the body to produce its own natural painkillers. Laughter may also break the pain-spasm cycle common to some muscle disorders.
  • Increase personal satisfaction. Laughter can also make it easier to cope with difficult situations. It also helps you connect with other people.
  • Improve your mood. Many people experience depression, sometimes due to chronic illnesses. Laughter can help lessen your depression and anxiety and make you feel happier”

There is much more to it than what I listed, but just the above should get your attention.  LAUGH!!  And remember, sometimes you have to literally MAKE YOURSELF LAUGH in order to just “get it started”!!  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!


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