2 Most Important Rules for Performing Exercise.

dbfrntsquatCheck out David Ben doing some Front Squats with a pvc pipe.  We were working out today and I showed him this in about 5 seconds and he repeated it pretty good.  Daddy is very pleased!  I mean check out that good postural alignment from his hip-shoulder-ear!  Pretty good for his first time!

Speaking of GOOD FORM AND TECHNIQUE, here at GOD-BUILT we believe it is extremely important to focus on Good Form and Technique FIRST AND FOREMOST.  Actually, we have 2 Rules that we base all our Exericse programming off of:

#1 – FORM & TECHNIQUE – Focus on Improving and or Keeping Good Form on all movements

#2 – KEEP IMPROVING – Focus on getting Better by Increasing the Intensity gradually: faster reps, higher weight, longer workout, same work in less time, etc.  Increase Intensity while Maintaining Good Form.  Never sacrifice Good Form just to Increase Intensity. 

As you can tell we are as we call it “Form Intensive” here at God-Built.  No this does not mean that all of our clients have perfect form at all times, but we do stay on everyone about Form and Technique.  And yes I know that many times our clients probably just wish we would leave them alone and let them “just get thru the exercise or workout”.  As they will tell you we aint gonna let that happen.  See we realize these 2 things: 1. Good Form & Technique will Reduce your chance of injury; 2. Good Form & Technique produces more Effeciency.  So not only does Good Form & Technique help to keep you from getting injured (which of course is the main thing), but it also helps you to get more out of your work / energy spent. 

Working out Hard and Intense is one of the most important keys to getting results from your workouts!!  And the Harder / More Intense you work out the more important your FORM AND TECHNIQUE are!  Focus on Good Form & Technique with all your Exericses.  If you dont know for sure if your Form is good then find a qualified Trainer / Coach to help you.  Remember that we have several Exercise Demos right here on godbuilt.com and we will be adding several more very soon.  Workout Hard, and Workout Correctly!! Yeh Baby!!


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    • I cant speak for anyone else, but yes we do focus on The Form first. And yes it is a fine line and a tricky balance to try and keep for any trainer / workout facility. thanks Kim, kj

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