Our New !!5:15 a.m.!! Workout Program

wout3Check out our NEW Group working out at 5:15 a.m.!! Yes I said 5:15 A.M.!!  And check out 2 of our awesome trainers Jack and Samuel, in the red of course.  These guys are such a blessing for Team God-Built as they do a great job training / coaching everyone.

You know, most people probably think working out at 5:15a.m. is crazy.  And many would never even consider this.  These people though, for them 5:15a.m. is the only time that will work with their schedule, so they MAKE IT HAPPEN.  And of course that is what all of us have to do (MAKE IT HAPPEN) when it comes to anything in our health and lives that we want to accomplish.  As far as “Working Out” goes, you dont have to work out at 5:15a.m., but if you are not already working out on a consistent basis, then you are going to just Have to Make Time for it.  ANd I gaurantee you that you can.

Most of the time if we are waiting for the “Right Time” and or “Right Circumstances”, we will be waiting for a long time.   Stop waiting for the right time and or circumstances.  MAKE A STAND and Make It Happen!  It is YOUR Health.  It is YOUR Life.  You have a choice to literallly Make it Happen.  So do it baby!!  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!

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