Great Reminders for Health and Life Success!

IMG_5057Ye I know, you have probably seen this pic seveveral times, but I just couldnt stand it.  I was going thru my pics and just had to post this one again!  This is one of my all time favorite pics: My 2 best buddies in the whole wide world on my favorite Tractor in the world, a true classic JD 4020!  Good stuff.

I have some Great Reminders for you for the great weekend ahead:

1. Realize that it truly is all because of HIS LOVE that you have been totally Empowered and Equipped to literally Take Control of your Health and your Life.

2. Being Thankful is a huge key to Life Peace, Joy, and Happiness.  With this Peace comes good health, clear thinking, and the better ability to Hear HIM.  Remember He knows everything you need in your health and life in order to Succeed and overcome, to walk in His ABUNDANCE!

3. USE YOUR WORDS AND THOUGHTS TO STEER YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE IN THE DIRECTION YOU WANT TO GO.  Believe it or not, your health and life will Follow your Words and your Thoughts.  If your health and or life are not going in the direction you want them to go, change your Words and Thoughts.  **Remember just “saying a bunch of words” is not the answer.  Believe in your heart that thru Him you can and Will succeed, then just make sure your Words and your Thoughts are constantly lining up with that!!

4. Choose to Control your Mind Will and Emotions.  This is in part of course handled by Controlling your Words and Thoughts.  Remember your Emotions can reak havoc in your health and life if you let them control you.  You will have negative emotions, but you dont have to let them hang around!!  So dont!

5. Choose to Control your Nutrition – Either you are controlling what you eat, or what you eat is controlling you.  You have a choice, CHOOSE WISELY!

6. MAKE A WAY TO EXERCISE 3-6 TIMES / WEEK FOR 5+ minutes each day.  5 minutes of High intensity work out per day several times per week can produce great results.  And yes if you can do more than 5 minutes then it can be even better.  But remember working out “longer” does not necessarily equal Better.

7. Walk in Complete Faith everyday that you will Succeed and accomplish your Goals.  If you are “trying” to accomplish something and or “Hoping” that you will, then you have already set yourself up for Failure!! 


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