Have you slacked off? If so, Who Cares?! Get back on it Dog’on it!

garfieldpondHere is a neat pic of one of our ponds down in Garfield.  If you look closely you can see the “cotton” on both sides of the pond.  There have been many a fish and many a good time caught in this pond!  Good stuff.

I have talked a good bit about ‘FINISHING THE YEAR ON A STRONG NOTE”.  ANd of course I encourage you still to do this.  Remember that even if you started with this a while back but have kind of slacked off, that is fine.  No it is not just “ok” to slack off, but yes it is ok because you can change that right now!!  Right Now you can choose to “pick it back up” and run with that inspiration and motivation you had to literally “FINISH 2013 STRONG”!! 

So who cares if you slacked off.  Get over it.  Forget about it, and GET BACK ON IT DOG’ON IT!!  It is your Health, your life, and your Choice.  Take control and keep control.  Forget about the past.  Dont worry about tomorrow.  Just do something positive today to GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!!  YOU CAN JUST BECAUSE OF HE WHO IS EVER BIG INSIDE YOU!  That is right the same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is alive and well inside of you!!  Yeh Baby!


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