Use Violence! Get great Results!

wout4Check out these awesome young men doing some “Change of Direction” drills!  Man they are coming off that line low, hard, and with VIOLENT arm action! 

VIOLENCE!!  This is a word I use a lot with our young athletes.  I tell them they have to be “violent” with their change of direction, with their explosion, and with their arm movements.  I describe this “Violent” action as one that is 100% purposefull, extremely forceful, and controlled all at the same time.  Controlled Explosive Force is basically our definition of VIOLENCE in how we use it to get our young athletes to get faster and more Explosive for their respective sports.

VIOLENCE is also a good word for me and you.  Violence, Controlled Explosive Force, is something me and you can use to literally take control of our health and lives.  We can use Violence to apply the correct actions that will render our desired results.  The main thing we truly need to be Violent about is how we use our Words and Thoughts as it pertains to our Health and Life.  We can not be “passive” with our Words and Thoughts if we want to see great results and improvement in our health and lives.  Passiveness will likely cause you to give up or give in!  You have to be very aggressive.  And the great thing is that aggressiveness and that “VIOLENCE” is already in you thru the Son, Jesus Christ.  And remember now, Violence, as I am using it here is not a bad thing.  The kind of Violence i am referring to is GOOD!  Remember Controlled Explosive Force.  We must be Forcefull with our Belief, our Words and our Thoughts in order to walk out great health and great life.  We are likely to face adversity and or opposition in our endeavors, but remember: SO WHAT?!  We choose to Violently apply God’s principles in our lives, totally Expecting to see great results!!  Yeh Baby!


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