mntcreekCheck out this beautiful scene from our Mountain property.  This is the property where we had the Zoe Bootcamp last weekend.   Awesome and Blessed place!

RUN LESS + EAT MORE = Lose Bodyfat!!  Say What?!  Well that is the what one of our clients told us today that he has done over the last month and lost 10 lbs while putting on some muscle.  Ye I know, it sounds so backwards from what most of us have been taught over the years.  But dont discount this as “rare”.  Actually this is very common. 

IN my years of coaching people for health and life improvement, I can not remember a time when I told a client to eat more calories and when they followed my advice, they lost weight / bodyfat!  I am not saying it never did not work, I just can not remember it not working. 

Many times when people are focused on losing weight the first thing they think about and or are told to do is to “cut calories”.  And if they are willing to Exercise, they are told to *especially do “cardio” for weight loss.  Adding these 2 together does not always equal good results.  And far too many times, the calories are cut too drastically and they Volume of cardio training is amped up too high. 

Our above mentioned client has alread done great with health improvements over the last several years.  Then last month they cut back a lot on their Running Volume, they continued to do High Intensity Interval Training, they increased their intensity as far as lifting heavier weights, they added in Sprint Intervals, and they added about 500 more calories per day mostly from high quality fat and protein.   And as we said, they have lost 10 more lbs and gained some muscle and strength. 

Cutting Calories is not always the answer.  And in most cases we dont recommend that.  We just recommend that you increase your quality of food.  When you do this it has a great positive impact on your hormonal balance, your metabolism, your fat burning, and overall health.  And as far as exercise, doing huge “volumes” of training can have a negative effect on the body.  So recommend to stay away from high volume long slow steady state cardio. 


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  1. KJ,
    Even though I don’t come to your gym anymore(I don’t live in carrollton now) I still read all of your posts. I especially liked the one yesterday about the core exercises.

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