Tips for your Health during the Holidays!

boysbigleavesMe and the boys went camping this weekend.  They found some huge leaves and had to bring them home.  We had a big time.  It was some good daddy & sons time!!

Man we are coming up on our Holiday Season real quick with Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS right here on us.  This is a time for many that they just sort of “give up” on keeping control and or taking control of their health.  And they usually tell themselves they are going to get “serious” when the new year comes around.  Well as you most likely Know, if you are waiting for the new year, then when it gets here you will probably put it off till another “right time”.  So I encourage you again to do something now to take control and keep control of your health and life.  And remember even if it seems small, at least it is something.  And as long as you do that “small” thing consistently it can add up for big results.  One of the biggest reasons to do that “small” thing is that it can really build up “MOMENTUM’ for you when the New Year does come around.  Then you are just that much further ahead of the game. 

Here are a few Holiday tips you can use starting NOW:

Dont go to parties and events Hungry!! – Eat a small healthy snack before and drink plenty of water.  Then when you eat at the party or event you can eat what you like but in small portions. 

Move / Exercise 5+ minutes per day – As we always recommend, 5 minutes of Exercise is 1000 times better than nothing.  And again, it helps you to build MOMENTUM.

Exercise more on the days before or after parties or events where you know you are going to or did Eat more than normal – This is not one of my favorite recommendations for several reasons I want take the time to go into now, but it can be very beneficial to use this one during this Season!

TAKE IT EASY – Stress is of course one of the biggest culprits for poor health.  And for many this time of year seems to be even more stressful.  God absolutely did not intend this, of course.  This should be just the opposite for us.  This is a time to be THANKFUL for all His Goodness, for allowing us the great opportunity to be Americans, and of course to celebrate the Birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ!  So literally stay out of Stress and TAKE IT EASY!!  yes you can do all that needs to be done during this season at home and work, and still not get stressed!


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