Best Diet Ever: Paleo, Low Carb, Low Fat, High Protein, etc. Which one?!

jpsandwichThis is a pic of Joshua Paul from a while back when he wanted to make this “weird” sandwich.  I had many different ingredients.  I told him he could put anything on it he wanted but he had to eat it.  Well once it was made, he decided he didnt want it and I didnt make him. 

I used this pic today because this is right along the lines of our Nutrition discussion today.  As you probably have read from before, I have seen many people get great results in their health by doing some very different practices.  Many times, if the people would have come to me and asked me what I thought of their plan, I would have told them they were highly unlikely to succeed.  Thank goodness for them, they didnt come ask me my opinion!  And my belief has always been that it was, and is, their FAITH that they were going to make the program work, that caused them to succeed. 

Over the course of time as a Health and Life Coach, I have for the most part not “fit into” a particular one size fits all philosophy as far as Exercise and Nutrition programs.  There are people everyday who succeed by doing some of the very things I would say were important not to do, or at least not the best options.  Here at God-Built we have never “fit” into a certain category as far as Nutrition.  Basically I am saying that we have never said this is the best way and the only way.  I have recommended many different “approaches” for Diet, but I have seen way too many different Diets work well for people so I cant argue with it.  Now I have actually gotten “flack” over the years for this because I never would absolutely say this or that program “is IT!.”  Many times when people get Results then they are believers in that particular program and they have a tendency to think it is the only way, and if everyone else doesnt “buy in” then they are wrong.  Again, I have just seen way too many people get great results from differing programs to make that type of stance.

On this subject, I was reading an article today by a Nutritionist that I get info from.  He was talking about this very subject and made some very interesting comments with some specific research too.  Check out what Dr. John Berardi, Ph.d has to say about this subject:

“But research is now showing that simply paying better attention to what you eat is a key factor in whether you’ll lose fat, get lean, and improve your health.

Whether your attention is trained on avoiding carbs, eating more vegetables, seeking out organic / free-range food, avoiding animal foods, or avoiding “non Paleo” food, it’s all good.

Because what you focus on may not matter as much as simply caring more about what you’re eating in the first place.”

The main focus here is that the results in the research had more to do with the subjects “focus”, their “care”, and what I believe was simply their “faith” in whether or not they were doing the right things!  So again, make sure and dont get caught up in thinking you have to follow a certain program just because it is the latest and greatest according to someone else.  Start applying simple basic Nutrition principles that you already know, and have Faith, that they will work for you.  \


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