JOY vs. Happiness. Choose JOY!

dbchristmastreeThis is David Ben staring at his Christmas Tree in his room.  The boys absolutely love Christmas time and all the “decorating”.  It is awesome to see how much JOY this time of year brings to them!!  I love it!

Speaking of JOY, remember there is a huge difference between JOY and Happiness.  Happiness is mostly determined by circumstances and feelings.  JOY is something that is permanent on the inside.  Now you may not “Feel” that JOY at all times, but thru Christ it is down in there, inside you.  Sometimes you have to just reach down and literally Draw that JOY up.  ANd the best way to do that is to go past, to look past, any circumstances and feelings and speak JOY.  Know in your heart, think in your mind, and speak out with your mouth The JOY of the Lord that is inside you. 

Remember your JOY thru Christ is not based on any circumstances or current feelings.  It is based on the Word of God, which of course is JESUS CHRIST!!  That is a constant.  So draw on that.  Build yourself up and literally Feed on that JOY.  And then sooner or later the “Happiness” will come along with all the giddy feelings.  But remember dont let your life be based on Happiness, but on JOY.  The more you realize this and choose to walk in it, the more “happiness” you will experience too!


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