Exercise Variety. Stir it Up!

workoutCheck out our Super Advanced Sports Performance Drill we did today with our young athletes.  You cant see it but there is actually someone inside the big roll.  As a team they had to roll the teammate the length of the field, then the one inside the roll had to get out and get to the other end as fast as they could.  This was actually a drill that the young men came up with today.  I saw that we could turn some serious fun into some seriously good Training.  Good stuff. 

Speaking of having Fun and working out, one of the things we do here at God-Built is try to keep things fresh with a lot of variety.  Yes we do a lot of the same things, but we do work on adding different exercises and workout methods as we go.   This is a good idea for all of us to keep things “stirred up” so we dont get bored with exercise.  Some people dont have to have much variety and will continue to work out intensely and Consistently.  If you are the type that feels like you need a lot of variety, then just make sure you add that Variety in.  Just like today with the young men, we did some different things, and I just made sure we geared it towards our Sports Performance goals we are striving for the young men. 

The main thing is to get moving.  Get Moving, move Intensely (always relative to the individual), and Move CONSISTENTLY!!  Dont count on someone else or something else to make it happen for you.  You are the one who will determine your own Health success.  God has empowered you to take control and keep control of your health and your life, and all you have to do truly is to BELIEVE.  See RIGHT BELIEVING will bring the Right Actions, and those together will bring the RIGHT RESULTS!!!


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