Thanksgiving was Great! Now what do you do starting right NOW!

boysdeerracksCheck out the boys and their deer racks.  Their “Paw” gave them these this weekend and they were so excited!

The Johnson’s had a great Thanksgiving and I expect you did too.  We had lots of family time and good food!  It was a fun break and now here we are back on it dog’on it!

I am still working on getting the 40 DAY HEALTH AND LIFE JOURNAL out to you.  I apologize for the delay but I will get it to you as soon as I can.  The main thing I want you to do though is GET GOING NOW!  Get going now with your “Better Health and Life” Expectancy Plan.  Start Now and dont wait on anyone or anything!! 

Here are a few simple things to do NOW to get started.  And yes you sure have seen these before as they are just FUNDAMENTAL principles.  Remember though, it is the “bottom line” Fundamental principles that do bring consistent results!!

EXPECT / HAVE FAITH –  Whatever you do, do it in FAITH.  And remember true Faith, Bible Faith, equals literally: CONFIDENT EXPECTATION.   You may not know every detail, but you KNOW that you will SEE the desired results in your health and life!!

BE THANKFUL – Being Thankful helps with #1, EXPECTING!  Being Thankful to God Almighty first and foremost helps you to remind yourself of His Goodness, His Blessing on and in you, and the past Victories that you have seen because of HIM!!  He wants you to walk in His Best in your health and your life.  So be thankful for that and literally GO AHEAD AND THANK HIM FOR THE VICTORY.  IT’S YOURS!

EAT A LITTLE BETTER – Dont worry about making a complete Dietary Overhaul.  If you want to and you will then go ahead!  But most people wont do this when it comes down to it, at least consistently.  So start off slow.  Change 1-3 things starting right now, not tommorrow! 

MOVE – As you have heard us say here on many times over, 5 minutes of Exercise is way better than nothing.  And actually 5 minutes of High Intensity Exercise (intensity is always relative to the individual) is highly beneficial for overall Health improvements!!  So do what you already know to do, and do it several times a week for short intervals!!

BE A GIVER – Dont stay focused on self.  Focus on helping others.  Focus on Encouraging others and helping them to see that God loves them and that He wants His Best for them!!  Remember HE says that whatever you do for others, HE will do for you.  Dont count on others, count on HIM!!  HE will never let you down!


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