No matter what, Keep EXPECTING! Must Read

IMG_6061Yep I am starting it again NOW!!  I am putting out the “snow” vibes so we can bring it in this year.  I talked about it last year and really expected and looked forward to it snowing here in Cton!  Well it didnt.  So what do I do.  I for sure dont quit.  No it did not happen exactly how and when I wanted it to, but I refuse to let that stop me from EXPECTING Snow!  So I just say THANK YOU LORD for the beautiful Snow in Carrollton this year.  Not too much, but just enough for us all to play and have a good ole time in!!

This may seem silly, but I believe this is a prime example of how we should live our lives.  I know we all face adversity.  We all see things happen in our lives that we surely did not need or want to happen.  And many times those things are pretty rough.  It is just like when my dad passed away a few years back.  The situation looked bleak and he pretty much had no hope according to the doctors.  I refused to back down from Standing in Faith for him and his recovery.  Well it didnt work out like I wanted it to.  It was sudden, it was trajic, and it was in no way God’s will.  But still, it happened.  And honestly it was very tough for me.  But in all that I made a decision that I would not let it make me back off of FAITH.  Staying with FAITH, and standing no matter what it looks like and no matter what the past experiences have been is tough.  But it is oh so worth it. 

I surely dont have it all figured out., and I surely have messed up a lot in my life.  One thing I plan to do though, and presently do, is TO STAND.  I refuse to Expect bad.  Yes I have thoughts of defeat and failure come to me, but I refuse to make those thoughts my thoughts.  I use the Word of God to get rid of those defeat thoughts and think on His Thoughts of Blessings and Goodness.  I refuse to let a set back or loss in any area of my life keep me from EXPECTING AND THEREFORE SEEING AND LIVING in God’s Best!!  Use God’s Word, and use HIS FAITH THAT HE HAS GIVEN YOU THRU JESUS CHRIST to EXPECT good things, VICTORY, in your own health and life!  Man I done got excited!


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