Workout KICKED my butt! Where do I go from here?!

dbbabygirlCheck out David Ben and this little baby.  They both were pretty enamored by each other.  It was neat to see them loving on each other even though they had never met!!

I have a group of guys that I work out with on some  Saturdays.  We usually hit it pretty hard when we do meet.  I have to admit though that I have not been as committed to my workouts since probably spring.  Now yes I have worked out and I have worked out intensely, but I just havent been very consistent.  And this past Saturday told on me!  The workout we did literally kicked my butt.  My performance was way off from what it should be.  When I say off, I really mean “way off”! 

Over the course of the weekend, I kept going back to that workout.  The thoughts of the fact that I am “older” now came up many times along with the thoughts that typically accompany the “I am older now” thought.  Those thoughts were along the lines of: “well I am older and it is just the way it is.  My performance is down, but hey it is still way better than many my age.”  Well that is just crap.  At least I think so.  That is a very dangerous thought pattern to allow.  Like we have discussed here on many times, I realize that our physical performance may reduce as we get older, but we have to be very careful as to what we ACCEPT.  Many times, our lower Performance does not have to be!  Now only you can DECIDE what you will allow and or not allow in your health and life as you get older.  Just make sure you dont just go with the “NORM’ cause the Norm is usually not very good.

As I discussed around the time of my big 40TH BIRTHDAY, I have set certain goals for myself from now to 50 years old.  I decided that there were some things I didnt mind seeing lowered performance in, and mainly because they were not important enough to me to put in the effort required to make the change.  But there were some things that I made a choice to NOT ACCEPT, and set my goals accordingly.  Now here I am and am challenged by this experienced “lower performance”.  And honestly I almost fellinto that “i am older now” trap after the workout.  But heck no!! And here we go.  I can see that I just need to make a few minor adjustments and I can quickly get back to where I EXPECT to be.  And actually I just text all my workout buddies and told them we were having a REMATCH!  Yeh Baby!! 

Dont let “age” and the “norm” fool you into thinking you just have to “accept” lower physical and or mental performance.  God has Blessed us and Empowered us with an amazing life.  Yes we face adversity and yes older age does come in and make things tougher, but BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST ACCEPT! 



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