Few Powerful Tips for you to start the New Year of GOOD

workoutsplitjerkCheck out 2 of our young athletes doing some “Split Jerks”!  That is a great exercise and the boys look great doing it!

Man I am excited about this awesome year, 2014, and excited about all the GOOD things we are going to see God do for us in our health and lives.  I am so thankful for the Blessing to be able to be a part of so many people’s lives and helping them to take control and keep control of their health and lives.  Remember we, me and you, are in this thing together.  We all have things that we can work on to improve.  We all need Him and His Guidance.  ANd the great thing is that we already Have Him and His Guidance.  It is already inside me and you through the power of His Son Jesus Christ.  Everything me and you need to make this year the BEST YET is already in us!!  We just have to realize / BELIEVE it, choose to think on it, speak it, and then we will ACT on it. 

Here are a few Simple and Powerful Suggestions as far as Exercise and Nutrition that can help you to Improve this new year:

Do Something Positive starting NOW!  Small Positive changes do count and when done consistently, they add up to equal Big Changes.

Commit to Exercising 3-5 times per week, for 5+ minutes.  As you have heard us say many many times before, “5 minutes is a 1000 times better than nothing”.  So BELIEVE that 5 minutes is Effective, then just do it!

Make the 2-3 simple Nutritional changes you already know you need to make.  Dont wait until you can and or Will do the “wholesale” change.  Make those few simple changes now that you already know you should make. 

Stay tuned to godbuilt.com as we are adding more exercise demos and we will add in our daily workouts also.  We just added 4 more videos, but for some reason a few got knocked off.  We will figure that out.  BELIEVE in the Truth that you can truly Succeed in your health and life.  Remember it is true that RIGHT BELIEVING will Equal Right Acti0ns!  What you are doing on a Consistent Basis is usually (if not always) a direct reflection of what you Believe in your heart.


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