Top Exercises for Results!

workoutjacksplitjerkCheck out another pic of one of our young men doing some “split jerks”!  Great pic and good form there Jack!

Olympic Lifts and other “complex” lifts or movements are great forms of exercise.  ANd truly they are some of the best Overall Exercises you can do for overall improvements in mobility, strength, coordination, and muscular endurance and Core power!  One very important factor to remember though is that most of these require a good bit of upfront, and then continued, work on form and technique.  So if you are going to do these lifts, make sure you get someone who is very well trained to “train others” with these complex lifts.  Here at God-Built we train people how to do these lifts properly.  We have some who dont care to be the absolute “most effecient” with their technique.  They basically just want to get a “good workout” in.  So in these cases we just make sure we keep it extremely basic and that in all their movments they keep a good ‘POSTURAL SETUP” and this will help to prevent injury.  So the same for anyone wanting to add in Olympic lifting and other “complex” movements into their workouts: make sure #1 that you have a good POSTURAL SETUP and keep Good Posture during the entire movement.  Make sure and check out our Exercise Demo videos on the home page for “proper mechanics” on many exercises including complex movments like POWER CLEANS and SNATCHES. 

These movements can help you get a whole lot of WORK all wrapped up in one exercise.  Just make sure you keep Good Posture, and seek out qualified Professional training services to help you with this specific type of lifting!


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