dinner5Good Delicious n Nutritious Meal: Deer burger w/ homemade salsa on top; homemade pickles; spinach salad w/shredded cheese, strawberries, chopped tomatoes.  Man it was good!

This picture is a great example of a good meal to have for your New ONE DAY DIET!  Yep, you heard right: ONE DAY DIET!  This new One Day Diet is something I am going to layout really simple and easy for you right here right now.  I actually got an email from a Nutrition company that I get updates from and they sent out a ONE DAY DIET.  It of course got my attention and I noticed that there layout was very simple, easy, and very much like a “daily” nutrition layout we have given many times in the past.  And it also is very similar to the layout in the 40 DAY HEALTH AND LIFE WORKBOOK that you can get FOR FREE on the homepage right here on!  So here is the simple 1 Day Diet that you can very easily follow today and then every other day.  You can make any modifications you want to according to any specific needs you have:


2 “Shakes” per day – 1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch

1-2 scoops of naturally sweetened whey protein, 1-2 serving fresh/frozen fruit, 1 scoop all natural peanut/almond butter or 1 tbsp coconut oil  (this is just a good ole basic.  there are many recipes on interweb)

1 “sensible” whole food meal per day – Dinner

4-8oz meat- cow, deer burger; fish; chicken; turkey, 2+ servings of “rich” vegetables (greens, broccoli, squash, asparagus, etc), 1 serv max (small fist size) of potatoe or whole grains

1 -2 Snacks if needed

palm size of nut mix, small cup whole yogurt, 1 fruit + palm size nuts, “balanced” nutrition bar

And there you have it!  It is so simple, and really so easy to do.  If you cant or wont make a shake at work for lunch (most work places have a place to do this now) then make it before hand, put it in insulated container and take with you.  Just make sure it is in a bottle / container that you can “reshake” once you take out of a fridge as the ingredients will need it. 

Now yes there are many other options, but this just keeps it extremely simple and very nutritious.  The main thing we always encourage is for you to just START NOW and make small simple POSITIVE changes in your daily eating.  Those “small” things when done Consistently will add up to big Results!


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