Set your Expectators High! for great health and life.

IMG_4974Check out the Johnson’s 2-3 years ago in the big snow!!  Well it was at least “big snow” for Cton Ga!  I know we all are probably ready for some “less” cold days here in Georgia, but I am still pulling in on some good “snow” for us!!  Yeh Baby!

Having SNOW, particularly here in Ga, is one of those things in life that  we have a lot less control over.  I, and my family, still “LOOK” for Snow though.  We get excited just thinking about it.  LeAnne decorates the house with “snow” stuff.  I put up “snow pics” like this one on  We did this last year and I really thought it was going to snow.  Well it didnt!  So what do we do?  We get right back on it and we expect, call for, and get excited about it Snowing!  Now this may seem crazy and many may say well why in the world would you “get your hopes up” with the “chance” of getting let down?  Well that is just the way I choose to be.  And for me and my family we are going to choose to “Expect Great things” in life.  And if we dont see it the first time, we will just “GET RIGHT BACK ON IT”! 

Now “Believing” for Snow is much different than believing for other things that I believe we have a promise of from the Word.  Now dont get me wrong, I have seen first hand that thru Him, weather has been changed!  But what is important for me and you has to do mostly with our health and our lives as it pertains to our physical fitness, our mental and emotional condition, our marriage, safety, our Peace and Joy.  God’s Promises are Yes and Amen to us who believe.  If you live a life of “NOT Expecting” so you dont “set yourself up for failure” then you are probably going to live at a very low level of Joy, Peace, and Happiness.  So please dont live this way. 

What me and you should do, is just basically walk and live a life of Faith, just as God designed us to.  We should Expect to see His Best in our health and our lives.  And one of the very first things we are going to need to do is to EXPECT to see this in our lives.  Also in order to be able to truly Expect this we are going to need to KNOW that it is His Will for this in our lives.  And no this does not mean we want face opposition, but in the midst of opposition we can continue to KNOW, AND EXPECT! 

No matter where you are at in your health and any other area of your life, do 2 things starting NOW:

1. KNOW that God wants you to walk in health, joy, peace, and prosperity

2. EXPECT for those things to happen in your life.  Literally LOOK for them!

As you do these 2, it will literally cause you to respond with the right THINKING, the right SPEAKING, and the right ACTIONS!  And these render the desired RESULTS in your health and life1


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