Once Again, a sure fire way to Lose Weight! and Get Healthier.

lunch7No matter how you try to “slice it” and or “dice it”, for great Health Benefits including weight / Bodyfat Loss, using the pic  of one of my “Lunch Meals” as a guide is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to Lose Weight / Bodyfat!!

A Meat choice and nutrient packed Vegetables such as broccoli, mustard/turnip greens, kale, zucchini, asparagus, squash, etc. is the GUIDE to follow.  ANd yes it really is that simple.  It is very similar to the ONE DAY DIET  I sent to you last week that recommended you use a “Meal Replacement” shake for 2 meals, then a “sensible” dinner meal consisting mainly of meat and nutrient packed vegetables.  This does call for cutting way back on or cutting out totalling “Grains”.  Now as you know, here at God-Built we believe that Grains are good for you and that they are as we say “God Intended” for the human body for energy, repair, and great health.  But… and that is a big ole But…, most of the “grains” that people eat are severely processed to the point that they literally are “not of themselves” anymore.  Therefore they dont do much if any good, and in most cases they do harm!!  And on top of that, most people are eating way too much as far as quantity.  So we recommend that you cut your “grains” way back and or totally out unless you are going to buy them from a source where they are truly “all natural, and of themselves”! 

This being said, you once again have an easy way to help yourself get healthier and lose weight / Bodyfat.  Dont make it too complicated.  Dont beat yourself up if you do “mess up”.  Keep Expecting to get Better.  Keep Expecting to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR LIFE!


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