Optimum Health Results: Follow what the kids do!

gameshape2012Here is a pic of some fine young boys and girls during one of our Game Shape camps in the summer.  God has really blessed us to be able to see many kids come through our Game SHape youth fitness / sports program.  We have seen many kids come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and understand more about just WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST!  Great stuff!

I found this pic from the Game SHape camp as I was getting excited, and ready, for the Start of our 2014 Winter / Spring GAME SHAPE program.  We will bring all the youth in and work on several areas:

1. Understanding God’s Love and Who they Are In Christ.

2. Learning to Be THankful and Honoring their Mother, Father, and others.

3. Understanding the Power of their Words and Thoughts

4. Improving their Strength, Coordination, Power, Agility, Speed, and Conditioning.

We physically work them pretty hard, but as you notice from the above list of areas, we believe it is most important to teach / coach them Who they R In Christ and how to use their Words and Thoughts to steer their lives in the right Direction!  

 For all of us in our efforts to “Improve” our physical health, we first should follow something pretty close to the above list, and in that order for Optimum Results!


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