GET EXCITED! GET EXPECTING! Let it all Carry over!

boysreading4Check out the boys reading together last night.  This always warms mommy and daddy’s hearts!  Good Boys!  Blessed and Mighty Warriors for HIS Kingdom!!  Yeh Baby!

We are GOING TO HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.  And of course when I say “we” I mean me and YOU!  Make it a Great one baby.  Choose right now.  And here are some suggestions on making it a great one, and at the same time taking control and keeping control of your health and life:

Choose right now to GET EXCITED about this weekend, even if you dont have anything “special” planned.  Just GET FLAT OUT EXCITED!  Heck, I am getting excited just talking about getting excited!

Come join us here at GOD-BUILT tomorrow morning for our first “SATURDAY WORKOUTS FOR 2014”!  We will be here at 9am.  Even if you dont have a on site Membership with us, it will be FREE for all our Friends!

SPLURGE and Be in Control of Your Nutrition at the same time– if you have been doing very good with your nutrition, but you for whatever reason think you need a “break”, then plan for that 1 meal Saturday and Sunday where you have whatever it is you want.  Just make sure you dont eat too much, and keep the Quality up with the other meals during the day.  This way you stay “tuned in” and change things up at the same time.

Do something FUN and Exciting with the family.  Keep it simple like a campout.  Me and the boys are having a “CAMP OUT” tonite upstairs.  We are Excited!

The main thing of course is to just go ahead now and GET EXCITED!  Gear yourself up and EXPECT TO HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.  And let that EXCITEMENT AND EXPECTATION roll on over into Next week, and so on and so on!  Yeh baby!


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