Fast / Cleanse for Better Health. Link for Dr. Oz 3 Day Fast

woutlunchThis is a pic from last year of some of our guys working hard baby!  Good stuff.

Below I have a link for you to the “3 Day Cleanse” I told you about a few days ago that me and LeAnne did.  It was good.  Now I am not going to lie and say all the shakes tasted great, but hey it was only 3 days.  I recommend doing it, so go check it out:

Doing a Cleanse/Fast can be a very good thing for my and your health.  I recommend doing short “fasts/cleanses” periodically, such as 1 per month or 1 / quarter.  LeAnne said she is considering doing a 1/week Cleanse where she juices / blends fruits and veggies for each meal for that one day.  Now this is a great idea.  Here are some of the benefits of Fasting and Cleansing using “juiced / blended”fruits and veggies as your meals for a day or days:

Easier for body to heal itself as less focus is on “digesting” the foods.

Flush the body with high powered Nutrients.

Get the body under control by “fasting” from regular meals and low quality foods.

Create a Nutritious mind set by choosing to use high quality foods.

Create more energy.

And of course I am sure the list could go on.  FASTING / CLEANSING is something we here at God-Built do recommend for you to do as it can truly benefit your health, and therefore your life!  So just get on it dog’on it!


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