SUPERMAN actor was pinned by a squat, then CHOSE to WIN!

IMG_6078Another cool pic from the “Snow Fun” the Johnson’s had a couple years back.  Man as cold as it is we might as well have some good SNOW to go along with it, but only enough to last maybe a couple of days!  Ye baby1

I usually like most “superhero” movies and I loved the new Superman movie that came out a few months back.  I have a fitness magazine that has an article in it about the actor, Henry Cavill, and his physical training regimen for the movie.  I believe the magazine is Muscle and Fitness, but cant remember for sure.  I go to this article every now and then to remind myself of some of the dedication it took for him to accomplish what he accomplished.  The article references what his trainer refers to as a “pivotal” point in his training where once he broke through this seemingly unsurmountable challenge, everything changed for him mentally.  And he points to this one moment as the moment that was pivotal for Henry to truly gain the “confidence” that would transfer onto the actual theater screen. 

This actual moment came during one of their workouts.  Henry was at the point where he physically could not finish the work given.  His body was done and he was stuck.  In my own words as best as I can remember the actual words of the trainer, Henry turned off the “quit” option and Turned On the Never Quit option, and in that moment he overcame the physical challenge that had seemingly “pinned” him.  And again this is the moment that his trainer said changed everything and was PIVOTAL.  

One statement the trainer made concerning this that I want you to take time to think on was (again this is in my own words as I can try to remember his exact words): “I was so pleased to see him believe in himself enough to actually try that hard.”  Wow!!  Go back and read that at least one more time.  This is exactly what we talk about when we discuss “believing” or having the Faith that you can accomplish your goals.  And as you may remember one of the reasons that I believe that many people do wind up quitting is because of their lack of Faith in their ability to actually accomplish the goal.  Your Faith is “tested” when adversity comes.  You can say all you want that you believe you can accomplish something.  The truth is that you need to believe that YOU WILL.  And of course your CONSISTENT actions  will prove this out. 

We all face adversity, especially when we set out to do Good for ourselves and for others.  God wants us to succeed, WIN, in this life.  It is not enough to just believe that you can succeed, but you must believe that it is His Will, and that You WILL.  And we can take what Henry’s trainer said and apply it to our own situation: We do Believe, Have Faith, fully in who we are IN CHRIST, therefore we will put forth the needed effort for as long as it takes to accomplish our goals.  We are OVERCOMERS.  God has empowered you and me to win in our health and lives.  No it is not all about just “self improvement”, but yes it is about walking out His Best for our own lives and helping others along the way!!



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