4-5 Minutes of Exercise. And Done!

dbbday5Check out David Ben from this morning.  Mommy had a little Bday surprise set up for his 5th Birthday!!  He was excited and even more excited that he gets to go pick out a “toy” today after school.  Good stuff!  Both of my little boys sure are growing up.

I was talking with someone today at lunch about the POWERFUL POSITIVE impact that Short and Intense workouts can have for your health and fitness.  I know that we talk about it a lot here on godbuilt.com and it is thankfully being discussed more and more “mainstream” these days.  Still though, this person, and many others didn’t know this and or dont believe this. 

Yes doing a little is better than doing nothing, but in the case of Exercise, “doing a lot of work in a little bit of time” is highly effecient and does much more than just something better than nothing.  So please remember this and remind yourself of this little “NUGGET” and truth that 5 minutes of Exercise is very effective and can truly be all you need as far as the exercise component to make great strides in your health. 

The problem I have found is that most people cant get over what we have all heard for years of our lives that you have to workout at least 20, 30 minutes or more for it to be beneficial.  That is just not true.  Find a way to exericse for 4-5 minutes everyday, or at least 4-5 days per week.  Just pik 1-5 exercises and do them at a pace that is intense for you.  Keep up that pace or intensity for the 4-5 minutes then you have it.  During the 4-5 minutes you can take short rests of 10-15 seconds as needed.  You can do this or you can follow more specifically 1 or more of the following Work to Rest Interval Ratios below.  Just work for the first number of seconds, rest for the next number of seconds and keep the pace going for 4-5 minutes.  Bam!  your done!

20-10, 30-10-40-10, 60-20.

If none of this is familiar or makes any sense, dont worry, I will explain more over the next week or 2.  IN the meantime, just get your butt moving and doing something for 4-5 minutes or longer if you want.



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