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dbwoutCheck out the David Ben the Super Athlete showing us some Good Form on Power Cleans!  I know I have put up this pic before but just couldnt resist doing it again!

On the subject of Exercise, and to continue on our topic from yesterday’s post here on godbuilt.com, let me give you some more specifics about these SHORT INTENSE Workouts that I have been recommended for a long time now.  And yes I have been recommended these SHORT Workouts and promoting them as very Beneficial towards improving your fitness and Health for many years now.  I have to admit though I have not done a very good job of Giving you more Specifics on how to actually do these.  So please forgive me, and starting right now I am going to GIVE you more:

First of all remember that any time you here me say “INTENSE” or “HIGH INTENSITY” realize that I am 100% referring to what is “Intense” or “High Intensity” for YOU!  And that is always relative to YOU.  And also realize that no matter what the INTENSITY is, you must perform your exercises with very good form.  This is especially true the more Intense you get.  Anything you do in the form of Exercise has risk, and when you UP the Intensity, you up the Risk of Injury.  When you focus and CHOOSE to learn and Perform the Exercises correctly, you Reduce your chance of Injury.  So please Remember this!!

Now here is a very simple and short Workout that anyone can do, even if you have to Modify the movements or the times to fit any of your personal needs.  This Workout is based on performing what most would call “Cardio work”.  This can be done outside or on a “cardio” machine:

1. Walking, Running, Treadmill, Elliptical, Other “Cardio” machine

Warmup – Medium pace for 1-2 minutes (whatever is a “medium pace” for you whether it be a fast walk, uphill walk, jog, 150 strides per minute on elliptical, etc)

4 rounds of 30 – 30  Intervals

First “30” means 30 seconds of high intensity work.  Second “30” means 30 seconds of Recovery pace.  You repeat this cycle for the given number of rounds.  In this case that is 4 rounds.  When you complete the 4 rounds along with the first 1-2 minute warmup, you will have a total of 5-6 minutes of total Workout time.  And remember it may take you several workouts to figure out the “best” pace for you during the “work” sets.

The WORK part of the Intervals should be a pace that is very challenging for you to keep up with for the given “work” time.  Then your RECOVERY pace should be one that allows you to recover at least decently so that you can perform your next round. 

You can add rounds to this to total out at 10 minutes, 13 minutes, 20 minutes, etc.  Also you can do any of the following work to rest ratios:

1 – 1 (1 minute work, 1 minute recovery)

2-1 (2 minute work, 1 minute recovery)

Here is an Example for someone that we could consider at a medium – advanced level as far as conditioning using a Treadmill, and this being a 10 Minute workout:

Warmup – 2 minutes 5.0 mph jog, no incline

4 rounds 1-1

1 minute Work pace of 9.0 run, no incline

1 minute Recovery pace of 3.0 walk, no incline

Again all the above is info speaking in General.  You have to choose at what level you start at, and what exercises.  No matter what you choose, make sure you know what you are doing, you do it correctly, and PROGRESS at a SAFE pace.  If you have not walked, ran, and or been on a Treadmill in a while, dont start off WIDE OPEN.  you will most likely need to take a little more time to warmup.  ******And you will need to go at a lower – medium pace for several workouts before you start pushing at high intensity levels

I recommend High Intensity training for most everyone.  But, and that is a huge but, many if not most will need at least 2-3 weeks of lower-medium pace workouts to condition the body and prepare it for harder workouts.  If you dont do this, you may do just fine.  Just remember though, your chance of Injury is pretty high if you dont Progressively up your intensity at your pace.


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