Water. Water. Water! 3/4 of your Body!

snowday2014boysHere is another great Snow Fun pic from this week.  Again, the boys had such a great time, and so did me, LeAnne, and Lucy.  Man what a blessing it was to see all that pretty snow and to see so many people having a big time in it!

Speaking of Snow, it makes me think about “WATER“.  Water is of course Essiential to life and to our Good Health.  Overall, your body is about 70%+ Water!  And you really need to think on that and consider it.  Your body is somewhere close to 3/4 water.  That should make you realize a little more just how important it is to get good quality water into your system on a daily basis.

One of the easiest things for many people to do as it concerns “Diet” and improved health is to simply cut out the majority of any other liquids in their diet and replace with pure water.  And with this 1 and simple change, scores of testimonies have been told of very big health changes, and one of those positive changes being lots of weight loss and bodyfat loss.  Now this does not mean you have to cut out all other drinks totally.  The main thing is to make some changes and cut back some, while adding in more pure water. 

Cutting back on sugary drinks, fruit juices, and artificially flavored beverages and replacing with good ole pure water can have very positive effects for you health.  It is very simple and very easily doable for anyone.  Start today and just do it.  Or as we say here at GB: just “Get on it dog’on it!”


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