How you See yourself is HUGE!!

bravesgameboysHere is a cool pic of the boys at the Braves game last year.  They have been to a couple of games now and they love it, of course!

I am reminded right now of the Truth that we ARE FORGIVEN already by Jesus Christ!  ANd thank GOD for it!  We were forgiven and we are forgiven.  We are not going to do everything right, and this of course means we are going to “mess up” sometimes.  The truth of the whole thing is that God does not want us to focus on our “mess ups”, because He knows that will only hold us down and keep us from realizing more and more the Truth of who we are IN CHRIST.  Also He does not want us to focus on “not messing up”.  It is just like we tell all our Athletes in here that we are training to improve their Sports Performance: If you focus on “not messing up” then you will not perform your best and you will very likely end up “messing up” after all.  Whatever you focus on will show up! 

No matter what you have done or have not done, learn from it if you can, and then QUICKLY forget about it.  God does not focus on that.  He sees you “perfected” In CHRIST.  He sees you as an Overcomer, Forgiven, and More than a Conqueror.  If HE did not see you that way then He would have been lying when He called you that in HIS Word!  So me and you do and will continue to SEE ourselves as how HE Sees us: OVERCOMERS, FORGIVEN, MORE THAN CONQUERORS, MORE THAN ABLE TO SUCCEED, HEALED, WHOLE, WELL ABLE, STRONG, POWERFUL, STRONG MIND, FULL OF LOVE!!


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