Perfect SNOW Day Meal! Add FAT into your Diet!

dinner11Here is a pic of a great “Snow Day” meal!  This is some homemade vegetable beef (deer meat) soup my wonderful wife made with a fresh avocado dumped on top.  Man that is delicious stuff right there and it is pretty darn nutritious too!

As we have mentioned many times here on, Avocado is such a good source of “Good Fat” and it is so easy to use.  I use it several ways:

On top of Soups

Inside my Turkey Rolls

Mixed up with tomatoes, etc for Fresh Guacomale

By Itself w/ little Sea Salt and Pepper mixed it

Remember FAT is not bad for you.  FAT is a KEY nutrient that you need in your diet.  And opposed to what most of us were, and still are, taught concerning FAT, Saturated Fat is not necessarily bad for you either.  The Saturated FAT in eggs, whole milk and other dairy, avocadoes, Coconut Oil, etc is actually essential and extremely healthy for you.  Now of course too much of any one or all of these things is not healthy for you.  Like with all other foods you should consume these on a regular basis in light to moderate amounts. 

FAT is GOOD!  And you have to remind yourself of this.  It always amazes me at how often many of our clients here us say this, yet when they start to “get serious” about their nutrition because of a weight loss or bodyfat loss goal, this is one of the first things they do: Cut out FAT in their diet.  Yes you should cut out BAD Fats such as partially hydrogenated oils, but the GOOD Fats are going to be one of the most important nutrients that you can use to help with Bodyfat loss! 


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