Why YOU can do GOD-BUILT workouts!

woutgroupCheck out one of our Group Workouts this morning.  In this pic you can see people doing several different exercises: Overhead Walking Lunges w/ pipe; Bear Crawl; Tire Flips; Burpees (modified w/ bag).  These were all exercises we did this morning during our workout.  Within this workout we also did Jump Rope and Interval Sprints!  So there was a lot going on.  And that is the way it usually goes here with our group God-Built workouts! 

ONe thing too is that not only do we do a lot of different Exercises, a lot of different ways, we also have a lot of “different” people Working out in these workouts.  When I say different I mean different sizes, different genders, different ages, different “workout” experience, different abilities, and overall different levels of performance.  That is one thing that we believe makes our GOD-BUILT WORKOUTS unique: Truly ANYONE at Any Level of Fitness can participate and do very well.  Take for instance the lady in the pic doing the Burpees on the yellow bag.  She is pregnant and just coming off of an ankle injury.  She has just started back working out with us.  She did the same workout everyone else did this morning, she just modified as needed.  Also there was a “new lady” that worked out with us for the first time today.  Being that she had not worked out with us before, we just had her do “Half” of everything.  We told her that we knew that she could probably do everything, but we didnt want her to go that hard being her first time here with us.  We explained the Form and Technique to her that we expected and let her do 1/2 the reps. 

And these are 2 great examples of why most anyone at any level of fitness can perform our group GOD-BUILT workouts and do excellent.  And as we tell everyone, “it is not about you trying to keep up with everyone else, it is about you doing your best at your level”!


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