Keys to Help you Stay Consistent with Exercise / Workouts

woutkjgrifHere I am working out with a good buddy Big Grif!  As I have mentioned before, I have several guys that I get together with from time to time to workout.  I really look forward to those workouts as they push me, and they are just good people to be with while getting challenged all at the same time.

There are several things you can do to help keep you Consistent with your Exercise / Workouts.  Here are a few:

Set a Goal.  You can have a “big” goal with a longer time to complete it, but just make sure you set “smaller” goals along the way.

Workout with a partner and or Group.  No you DO NOT have to have anyone workout with you in order to stay Motivated and Consistent.  And Never Ever use that as an Excuse!!!  At the same time, YES, having a partner or group to work with usually is a strong motivator for most.

Workout at YOUR BEST Time!  People ask me this question all time: “KJ when is the “best” time to workout?”  Well my response is “The best time to workout is the “time” that “you” WILL workout the most consistent.  For many people, especially with kids, evenings do not work because something usually “comes up” pertaining to Family.  So you have to be Realistic with yourself and figure out when you are going to “Make It Happen”!

Convince Yourself that “short” workouts ARE Very Effective.  Long workouts are just not realistic for most people.  Yes it is absolutely 100% Realistic that anyone can “make it happen”, but it is not Realistic that they will longterm.  So you have to KNOW that short 5+ minute High Intensity Workouts are extremely beneficial.  Then when you will make more time, do longer workouts too.  This way you can easily stay Consistent. 

Stop telling yourself that Working Out is Soooo Hard or that it is going to be Soooo Hard for you to stick to it.  Remember that if you are telling yourself this, then that is what you truly believe in your heart (Out of the abundance of the Heart, the mouth speaks “The Word”).  So if you are thinking this  going into a new workout program, then to you it is literally going to be very hard and laborous!  And this usually equals QUITTING!  So dont make it such a big deal.  Yes you realize that it is going to take effort and time, but Convince yourself that it is not going to be so bad!  Trust me this is HUGE!!


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