It may not “come easy”, but it will come!!

woutreidpcleanWow!! Check out one of our young Athletes doing some POWER CLEANS during one of our Performance Workouts!  Here is a kid who came to us with a very limited athletic background and no prior “Lifting” experience.  IN the pic you can see that he is powering into a FULL TRIPLE EXTENTION and HIGH PULLING the bar getting set up to “Catch” or “Recieve” that Bar quickly.  He works out with other young athletes who have a lot of athletic background so many  of the movements and drills we do are a lot harder for him to pick up on.  BUT, he does not let that Stop him!  He chooses to stay focused, POSITIVE, and Determined that he is going to “get it”!  And guess what, HE DOES! Good Work there Reid!

This young athlete should be an INspiration to me and you.  We is doing well and succeeding at something that does not just “come easy” to him.  Now it comes a whole lot easier for him now because he has put in a lot of hard and consistent work with the determination and Faith that it was going to produced Desired Results. 

In our pursuit of improving our health, we cant use “Excuses”.  Now granted yes there are true adverse circumstances and situations that we all are in sometimes.  And these adverse circumstances are due sometimes to our own choices, and sometimes they are not due to any choice we made, they are just ‘Life”!  One of the worst things that you or me can do though is use any of this as an Excuse to not take control of our health and lives.  And be assured, as long as you use an Excuse, then the current ‘UNDESIRED” situation is most likely where you are going to remain, or worse!  So dont allow Excuses.  ANd be like the young man above and choose to make the Improvements you want to make no matter if it just “comes easy” or not!


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