GB DW. You are your body’s Master!


God-Built DW (daily workout)

On a cardio machine or outside running, biking, rowing, etc:

2-3 Minute medium pace

1 minute high intensity pace, then 1 minute lite intensity pace.  Repeat this for 4+ rounds. 

Basically you Warmup for 2-3 minutes, then you go “hard” for 1 minute and go “easy” / recover for 1 minute.  Do at least 4 rounds and you can do as many as time will allow!

Ye I know the picture aint too pretty, but I wanted to share this Delicious and Nutritious meal I had for dinner last night.  I was almost done eating when I did think of you and wanted to share it.  So here is what those remains are from: LeAnne roasted whole chicken; cabbage, steamed veggie medley; avocadoe; and yes thats some good ole ketchup and mustard on the side!  Man it was good stuff.

Whether or not you Exercise does matter.  Whether or not you Eat “cleaner” does matter.  Sooner or later you reap what you sow.  It is not about feeling guily or condemned.  Yes it is about recognizing that you do have a responsibility to take control of your health.  The right “understanding” of Responsibility does not bring bondage, it actually brings Freedom.  Realize that you do have a choice to live in great health.  That is a right and Privilege God gave you thru His awesome Son Jesus Christ.  He has empowered you to control your health.  THe biggest thing is for you to “Believe it and Recieve it” as yours.  As you meditate (think and speak) that you are the master over your own health, then you will start Acting accordingly.  Yes of course along the road it may seem tough sometimes, but as we say “Who Cares”?!  Take control because if you dont choose to control your health, then it will inevitably control you.  And you dont want that!

ANd remember do not get into Condemnation if you have not been doing “good” concerning your health.  Get over it.  Put it behind you and start fresh today, this weekend.  No you dont have to be perfect but you can go ahead now and do 1 or 2 Positive things towards better health! 




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