Thoughts, Emotions, Health- how they all work together

woutobstacleGOD-BUILT D.W.

Warmup – 2 minutes of “active stretching” (see demo video)

Set a clock for 5 minutes

Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of: 

1 round= 20 walking lunges, 20 situps, 20 shoulder stands.

Check out the above pic of 3 GB athletes going thru a Performance Obstacle.  We use these a lot to work on athletic mobility, agility, and quickness. 

THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS, AND HEALTH  I was talking with a group this morning about how your body actually “secretes” hormones in response to your emotions!  Basically this is the way it works:

Your thoughts generate Emotions

Your Emotions generate Hormone release.

Hormone release does physical GOOD or Harm in the body

You think thoughts all day long.  Whether you like or not, those thoughts will generate certain emotions, and those emotions will generate specific hormone release.  With negative emotions will come Negative impact on the body, and with Positive emotions will come Positive physical impact in the body.  Now this may seem to be over simplifying it, but this is pretty much what it boils down to. 

We all will have negative thoughts come to us.  We all have a choice whether or not we allow that thought to stay.  If the thought brings stress, then we should capture that thought and do as the Bible says to literally “Put it into obedience to Christ Jesus”.  This just means if any thought we have does not line up with what the Word(Jesus Christ) says about who we are IN HIM, then we need to get rid of it and “REPLACE IT” with His Thoughts toward us.  His thought is the Truth about us.  With His Thoughts we will become more confident and at Peace.  It is these types of thoughts and emotions that directly come from them that will actually Cause our bodies to generate and release GOOD Hormones.  And with the Good Hormones will come Better Health!

Choosing to take control of our thoughts is way more powerful in our quest for better health than any form of Exercise and any DIET we could ever choose.  Exercise and Nutrition are important but they can not take the place of what is going on inside you spiritually, mentally, and emotionally!  He designed you to literally THRIVE in great health, and He gave you a powerful tool with your Thoughts!  You have the choice of what you THINK on, you only have to make a conscious effort to take that control! 


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